Which Goes Mouldy First, White Bread, Brown Bread Or Wholegrain Bread?


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We buy white and whole wheat.  The white always molds faster.  I do get more time out of the breads when I put them in the fridge.
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I just did a assignment on this for school. I used bakers delight breads, and I have found that the the wholemeal actually went moud the most within a 12 day period. The white closely followed, with the grain, with hardly any mould..
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I don't understand why you say bread with preservatives will go moldy first.
What are the preservatives for?
Bread bought by the loaf in a bag (wheat or white) will last longest.
Expensive special breads (white or wheat) will spoil way before regular bread loaves. It is good but we have to keep it frozen.  As you know, keeping bread in the refrigerator has very little effect.
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 I would say whole wheat. White bread is the most processes and bleached and stripped of all nutrients and loaded with preservatives. Whole wheat is less jacked with and would therefor seem to mold quicker. It seems my hamb. Buns go quicker than my heavy whole grain.
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Since there are a lot of various breads why don't you go buy one of each that have the same expiration date and take a slice out of each loaf put in a sandwich bag put in refrigerator and leave them and after three days check every day to see which one molds first.that is a good assignment for you. Good look
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We have white and white-wheat bread.... The white starts to mold faster than the white-wheat. If Its refrigerated then they both last much longer. Unrefrigerated, I usually throw bread out after 3 or 4 days. When you buy bread, make sure you're getting the freshest available.. To tell, all you have to do is look at the color of the tie......
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Most bakers don't bake breads on Saturday or Sunday...  never buy bread on Saturday or Sunday as its not fresh that day.
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White bread does, I think because it is the least natural
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The white bread goes faster tha the brown bread because the white has a lot of preservatives

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