Does Chocolate Have Gluten In It?


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As a general rule, it is advised to take the precautions that commercial chocolate may contain gluten in. Every chocolate bar varies so it is important to check the allergy warnings, ingredients and nutritional information before eating. Many firms sell completely gluten-free chocolate specifically for allergy sufferers, but before you spend the extra money on the branded products, do double check that your favourite bar is not gluten-free. Many chocolate brands, such as Hershey and Cadburys, will give a link on their chocolate packaging to their website where you will be able to find further information about the contents.

Removing gluten from your diet is difficult as grains are used in the preparation of many foods. It is easy to eat gluten without even realising until afterwards and it is important to check the ingredients of everything you eat. More companies and brands are becoming more thorough with their labelling of foods that contain (and those that don’t contain gluten) making it slightly easier to take care of what you eat. Staying on a strict gluten-free diet can dramatically improve your condition, so wherever possible, it is very beneficial to eradicate grains from your eating routine.

The most important foods to take out of your diet are the grains wheat, rye and barley. Many believe that oats are not edible on a gluten free diet but those with allergies were suffering because factories processed oats alongside wheat. They no longer do this and oats are perfectly safe for those with a gluten allergy. Other foods that are safe to eat include corn, rice, potato, soy beans, arrowroot, buckwheat, tapioca, carob, millet, amaranth and quinoa. Care should be taken when considering flour or cereal products, malt vinegar, vegetable protein, soy sauce and vegetable gum.
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The answer is yes! You don’t have to have “gluten free” chocolate to be able to enjoy chocolate.

All chocolate comes from the cacao tree. The history of this food is
ancient, as are the techniques and customs. For a really great review
of how chocolate is refined, I highly suggest the book, “The Chocolate
Bible”, by Christian Teubner.

The problem associated with chocolate for celiac patients is the
additional recipe ingredients for processed foods, such as wheat flour,
food starch, barley malt, and other ingredients that will make a celiac
patient ill.

Some common and popular chocolate bar examples:
  • Nestle Crunch Bar – clearly labeled. Contains barley malt extract
    and traces of wheat gluten, which indicates it is not gluten free.
  • Butterfingers – contains “confectioners corn flakes” – very
    confusing label. After some research, I found out that these ARE gluten
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hesitated to eat something and
the response is “….it’s just chocolate.” Part of the reason for writing my blog is to help people understand that it’s not “just chocolate”
for a person with celiac disease. If it’s chocolate with a gluten, it
causes illness and damage to your body.For more information, check out my website at for lots of educational information regarding gluten-free chocolate.
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Gluten is a protiene in some cereal grains, (Wheat, Rhye and Barley) but a gluten extract, or gluten taken from the grains are added to many processed foods as fillers and flavorings. Sometimes natural candies sue barley malt syrup as a sweetener instead of refined sugar, which would have gluten becuse it is derived from Barley, but straight gluten is used in many products as well as many chocolates simply as a flavoring so you must be carful. It can be listed as "natural flavorings, natural sweeteniers, etc. It is often used simply as a "filler or thickener.
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Does reese peanut butter bar have gluten
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I know for a fact that almost all the chocolate you buy in a regular grocery store contains gluten. And this is not the worst ingredient you can find in such chocolate bars. That is why I recommend to everyone I know to use only organic dark chocolate bars. When you buy these chocolates, you get the true taste of chocolate, without preservatives and gmo. When you order chocolate on this site you'll find a huge number of flavors of chocolate from the original recipe.

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I got told the only chocolate I was allowed to eat was Top Deck because its gluten free however my boyfriends brothers girlfriend was diagnosed recently and shes tells me its okay as does a lady at work can I eat all chocolate or is it only specific ones??
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Well, most don't but some do. It depends, really.
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Some chocolate BARS do, like Kit Kat and Bueno. But chocolate, as in the regular, no additives kind, is gluten free! God knows how thankful I am for that!
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From what I've read previously I understand that because it's made from dairy, and cows are often fed on foods containing gluten, this is where the problem lies.  However, as I understand it is mainly a problem for people with a severe allergy.

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