Does Red Bull Have Gluten In It?


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I am 39 and have drank Red Bull for the past 6 years 4 to 10 a day. I have never had a problem and have regular doctor visits for pre-exsisting unrelated celiacs disease. All my blood work and vitals are normal I drink a Red Bull in the waiting room at the office.Red Bull is my only guilty pleasure and until a doctor tells me it is bad, which they have not. They have actually said it is not a problem according to my medical history and lab results. I will continue to enjoy it and do not care what all the armchair doctors in any forum think. So make up your unsupported and invalid chatter while I sit back and crack open another BULL!! AHHHHHH....You are weak that is why you cannot handle Red Bull. Lol
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The redbull website claims it is gluten free. I think wesley is confused, thinking Glucose or Glucuronolactone are the same as Gluten.
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Yes read the label .

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