How Much Brisket Do I Need For 50 People?


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How much brisket you will need depends on how much people will want to eat. As a rough estimate, you should purchase around a pound of Brisket, before cooking, per person, for 50 people. This equates to you buying about 100 briskets in total, depending entirely on the size of the packs. If you are having a barbeque and there will be other food as well as the brisket, bear in mind that not everyone will eat it, and some people might be vegetarian.
Brisket is a cut of meat from the lower chest area of a cow, either beef or veal. Brisket must be cooked well as it can be quite a tough meat. Cows do not have collar bones and as thus the muscles in brisket need to support a lot of the cow’s weight. It is usually rubbed with a marinade and spices when eaten, especially in the southern states of America. It is most commonly barbecued. In different states there are variations on how to cook brisket, some involve leaving the fat layer on to add moisture, and some cut the fat off to create a more dry and spicy meat.  It can also be eaten in Thai food, in which it is more commonly sliced and grilled. It can also be braised and broiled to put in a stew. It can be used to make a casserole when placed in a casserole dish with root vegetables, water and stock and left for several hours to be cooked well and soak up the juices to become tender.
Brisket is often cooked with a hardwood in the coals of the barbeque to add a smoky flavour to the meat and keep it juicy. The term brisket stems from the old Norse word meaning "cartilage”

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