How Much Hamburger Meat Do I Need For 50 Hamburgers?


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It all depends on what size you want. If they are quarter pounders then you will need approx. 12.5 pounds of meat. For every 4 oz of meat per burger add 12.5 pounds of meat.

16 oz. 1 pound burgers would be 50 pounds
8 oz. 1/2 pound burgers would be 25 pounds
4 oz 1/4 pound burgers would be 12.5 pounds

If you wanted to make them tastier and save on the price of meat you could add some fillers to the meat. Some examples would be : 1) roasted peppers, mushrooms or onions 2) flavored bread crumbs 3) eggs etc. Make sure that you also add salt and pepper for flavor. Good Luck !!
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Figure 4-8 ounces a piece( so about one patty per person), about 12.5 - 25 pounds. If you want more here's a formula: (ounces of patty X people) divided by 16 = total pounds needed.
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