How Much Hamburger Is Needed To Make Sloppy Joe's For 100 People?


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On the assumption that you want around 8ox of meat for every person that you are catering for, that would be 50 pounds of meat to serve 100 people Sloppy Joes. Obviously this isn't going to be cheap so you could probably save a little money on the meat by reducing the amount by, say, ten pounds. This would still give you enough as long as you increase the amount of other ingredients in the mixture. For instance, you could add more peppers, tomatoes and onions in the mixture to change the texture a little and add more flavour. Nobody will notice that there's less meat and your Sloppy Joes will be as tasty as ever.

This famous American dish is sure to go down a treat whatever event it is you're hosting. The dish is a classic that has failed to reach the rest of the world, so if you have any guests from abroad then you know they're going to be in for a particular American treat.

The dish will requite ground beef in the quantities mentioned above, sweetened tomato sauce (or ketchup if you like), some seasonings to taste, as well as some onions, peppers, tomatoes and even some mushrooms if you like. If you like vegetables then you could even try experimenting with a few more different vegetables to change the flavour and make it a little different.

You can also buy ready made sauces if you feel uncomfortable making it yourself, so it's as simple as throwing all the meat in the pain with the sauce and vegetables.

Make sure you cook it thoroughly and serve on fresh bread buns. You can offer a side of coleslaw, or any other normal side dishes, like salad.

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