What Is Caster Berry Sugar?


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Caster Berry Sugar is another name for Castor Sugar, which is also sometimes referred to as Superfine Sugar or Extra fine Sugar, and is the finest of all granulated sugars.

  • Caster Berry Sugar uses
This sugar is very often used in baking, particularly in recipes that require creaming as part of the process. It is also used for making meringues.

Because the crystals are so much finer that regular granulated sugar, they dissolve so much more easily and so do not give a gritty texture that can be got from using ordinary sugar. In fact, using this type of sugar can help towards a better overall texture in the end product.

Some people prefer this sugar on cereals and on fruit because it is less gritty than granulated sugar.

  • Commercial produce
Caster berry Sugar is very often used in commercially produced products, and also in powdered preparations because of the ease with which it dissolves in cold liquids. Regular granulated sugar, on the other hand, tends to sit at the bottom of a cold beverage without dissolving very well,

Caster berry sugar can also be used as one of the ingredients in the preservation of fruits.

  • Types of sugars
There is a vast array of sugars on the market and they all have their own particular uses. This is because of the way in which they are extracted from the cane or from sugar beet. They can differ in their flavor, their color, their crystal size, and even in their sweetness.

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