What Is The Sugar Content In Beer?


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The sugar content in beer will vary depending on the brand. The information found with regards to sugar content is based on carbohydrates.

  • Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are sugars and often a beer ingredient label will list the carbohydrates instead of the sugars. This is why the information we have found regarding sugar content in beer is based on the carbohydrates listed.

  • Grams
This information is also stated in grams. For example, the Anheuser Busch Natural Light has 3.2 grams of carbohydrate. The Anheuser Busch Natural Ice has 8.9 grams. Blue Moon is another popular beer in the USA and has 13.7 grams of carbohydrate. Budweiser has several different beers ranging in sugars from 3 to 11 grams.

  • High content sugars
Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada Stout have high sugar contents. Sam Adams has 18 to 24 grams of carbohydrates and Sierra Nevada is about 19.4.

If you are asking about the amount of sugar to add to beer during the process of making it, you are better off getting a book or attending a course in how you make beer. Making beer takes a bit of finesse and the right ingredients. It also takes knowledge so that you can work out the best recipe.

Before you choose a beer it is best to examine the content. The content will help you find a healthier beer. You may want to visit the site This site lists most beers in the US with carbohydrates. The reason for this is to ensure diabetics do not overdo their drinking or sugar intake. It is also quite helpful to those who want to know what sugar content a beer has.

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I just read on some site that its approx 3-4g per 100ml of beer. Thats in your normal beer so I guess its probably less in a lite beer.

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