What Is There To Eat When You're Avoiding Sugar And Carbs?


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This is going to be the best choice you are ever going to make in your life! I avoid sugar and carbs and am vegan, so I definately get the overwhelmed feeling of there is nothing to eat! But honestly once you get use to it, and learn little things you can so make it easy.  My mum raised me to remember to "always eat the rainbow" everday.  So basically if its colorful and from the earth you can eat it, also quino is the most nutritionally sound grain with tons of protien in it.  All beans, legumes and tofu can be substituted for any meat.  You can try replaceing things when baking like unsweetened apple sauce for sugar, plain yogurt in baked goods replaces sugar and butter! You can make your own potatoe chips by crisping thin slices of apple with cinnamon, or thin peices of yam with a little salt.  
When giving up sugar my only advice so you don't fall off the wagon...drink lots of water with lemon, go to bed early, excercise, food journal, and eat foods that stabalize your sugar levels! Good luck and have fun!!
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First of all, here is a list of complex carb foods to help you get started. Second, well done you! Deciding to live more healthily is the biggest step. The internet is bursting with healthy living tips, recipes etc - try keying in a few keywords and you'll see - so can I just offer a couple of general health tips to start you off? Basically, you want lots of fresh fruit and veg - and the trick is to get GOOD stuff, and find ways of cooking it that you  love. I'd say get a fun cookbook and experiment with nice things like roast vegetables, fruity desserts and tasty fish recipes. It takes a few weeks before you stop wanting loads of sugar etc, but after a while you really start to notice what you're eating - and then the junk doesn't seem so attractive. (Other tip - eat really slowly.) Good luck!
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Let me just add something, the whole not eating carbs diet is a gimic. Try eating the heathly foods you like just in porpotional sizes.

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