How Do You Eat Sugar Cane?


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Sugarcane or sugar cane are large edible sweet sticks. They are naturally grown on the fields and is the chief source of sugar. Molasses and rum are made from sugarcane as well. The ethanol which is used in fuel is also made from sugarcane. The sugarcane juice is a common drink in the Indian sub-continent. While eating the sugarcane, one does not consume the stalks but just consumes the juice inside. Sugarcane has a life of just 24-48 hours. After 2 days it becomes stale and inconsumable. Fresh sugarcane is broken into half and the broken end of the cane is pulled out by teeth and chewed on the stalks. The chewed stalks will ooze out the juice and it is then savoured. Consuming a lot of sugarcane causes fungal diseases.
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I have today purchased in error some packets of cane sugar. Can it be used as normal brown sugar for baking etc

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