I want to avoid eating carbs/starches/sugar, but I am allergic to all peanuts/nuts, seafood, peas, and eggs. Much of what people in my situation would eat I can't, so what else can I eat on a low carb to no carb diet?


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Your body needs carbs to function. It is what fuels your body. Just stay away from the "white" carbs. Things like breads, potatoes and rice. Load up on fresh or frozen veggies and some fruit. Nuts, eggs and shellfish are proteins. Eat lean meats and legumes instead of those.

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There are a plenty of low carb diet. Every one have their own taste and stay balanced diet level.

I suggest you this keto salmon patties that is quite better for your low carb diet.

good luck

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I would have to say a low ketogenic diet foods! It is a fast way to lose some weight! I am on it and am very pleased with the results I only wanted to lose ten pounds and I lost more in about a 21/2 week period and you can definitely tell! For low carb you start out by eating 20g of carbs a day for 2 weeks. By just doing this it will shock your body and after three days you will be in a state of contoses. The state of contoses is where your body will run off the 20g of carbs and the already exsisting fat/carbs and burn them away! After 2 weeks of 20g you should go to 30g for another 2 weeks, 40g-2 weeks,50g 2 weeks.. Then drop back down to 20. It is a quick way I lost.

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