Is It Better To Eat Carbs In The Morning?


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Yes.  Eating carbohydrates in the morning and afternoon is better than eating them in the evening. Carbohydrates supply our bodies with high levels of energy that are not yet in the form of fat.  Unused carbohydrates are converted to fat.  Having the carbohydrates digest while you are most active will supply you will plenty of energy and is the best idea to not gain weight with carbohydrates.
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No carbs in morning. You want to train your body to use fat for energy. Have only protein and good fats in morning then have carbs in late afternoon or after working out.
Your body is very insulin sensitive in the morning.
Make sure you have a protein shake within an hour of waking up, about 20 grams.
Fat should consist of nuts, eggs, avocados, olive oil, or salmon.
You will lose weight and feel much better on this diet.
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The best time to eat carbs is right before or after you work out. If you don't work out, then the morning is absolutely better. Later in the day you want to stay away from simple carbs all together (whenever possible).
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The question is that is it better to eat your fruits in the morning or afternoon or does it make a difference

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