What Are The Advantages Of Sugar?


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Sugar is the most simplest form of carbohydrates which serves as a source of quick energy. Usually carbohydrates are stored into glycogens from where the body utilizes the stored carbohydrates for burning fuels in the body during the course of day to day activities. Sugar in beneficial because it is not accumulated as fat in the body. If you consume sugar, it will give you energy and will be utilized when you will carry out any activity. It will only accumulate as fat if it is not burned as energy. Sugar makes the food tasty, gives quick energy and is necessary for the proper development of body organs. However it shouldn't be consumed excessively otherwise it may cause diabetes and obesity.
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Advantages of the diet include:
• The diet helps to eliminate consumption of refined sugar
• This diet does not involve calorie counting
• The diet cuts out many foods that are clearly unhealthy
• The diet encourages exercise along with the diet.

Disadvantages include:
• The diet also eliminates some valuable minerals and nutrients
• This diet is not suitable for vegetarians
• Weight loss is probably down to the automatic calorie reduction and not the 40/30/30 ratio
• The diet restricts some fruit and vegetables, which are essentially healthy for us.
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