What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eating Biscuits?


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Will Martin answered
Sadly there are more disadvantages than advantages, if you mean sweet biscuits. These usually contain a lot of sugar, and butter or other fats, so you get a very high calorie content even with a small biscuit. Some of the richer brands, such as all-butter shortbread or chunky chocolate, have over 100 calories per biscuit - which is about the same as a whole banana or a portion of tuna fish. And, of course, nobody eats just one...!

The high sugar content also means that any energy you get from your biscuit will be short-lived, and probably leave you feeling worse when it's gone. Like all sugar-rich products, they don't do your teeth any good either.

Advantages? Well, they are a food, after all. The wheat content in the flour has some nutritional value (though not much as it is refined flour.) A little fat and sugar isn't bad for you, so the occasional biscuit should be OK - just not very often.

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