What Foods Should I Stay Away From If I Have High Cholesterol?


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Avoid fatty foods, such as burgers, french fries, fried chicken wings, etc. Plus don't eat saturated fats and oils. Don't smoke.
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You need to avoid fried foods,chips,burgers,fried chicken,crisps,chocolate,cakes,some breads mainly white,fried eggs,if you have meat of any kind trim the fat off first then oven or grill cook ,avoid butter go for flora spread or any sunflower spread ,a lot of common sense really go back to checking labels and so on good luck
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If your cholesterol levels are high then along with the medicines, diet and exercise can play major role to reduce the cholesterol. High cholesterols peoples should avoid
  1. Saturated fats/oils.
  2. Trans fats like butter and margarine and bakery food
  3. High GI carbohydrates
  4. Smoking
for more details about what to eat and what to not eat, visit
High cholesterol.
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Pure butter does not contain transfats, but does contain cholesterol. Transfats are artificially hydrogenated fats which are found in margarines and also in a lot of bakery food, as you say.
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I do not take medicine for my cholesterol, but I am needing to get it into the normal range that it is suppose to be at. I need some advice on foods to eat. I know that I need exercise as well. Can you please help me.
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Personally I eat red meat in quite large quantities, butter rather than margerine and prefer fries to mash any day.
My cholesterol levels are healthy and I have low normal blood pressure.  At age 60 I am disgustingly healthy and on no medication whatever.  Tests have also showed that my arteries are clear.
A vegetarian diet makes me quite ill and anaemic after a short period of time.  Eating wheat flour products causes me to retain fluid.
My husband tends to avoid fat like the plague, except that he adores ice cream, but he suffers from both high blood pressure and hypercholesterolism, conditions which run in his family, and which are satisfactorily controlled with drugs.
The main difference between us is that I am blood group "O" and he is blood group "AB".
There is a lot of research that has been done on the influence of blood type over digestive processes by Dr D'Adamo.  The genes for blood group are in the same area as the genes for digestion and he believes that, effectively, your blood group determines the requirements of your digestive system, and these can be totally opposite in some cases for different blood groups. 
For example, group "O" persons will probably thrive on the Atkins diet, while it would probably not suit group "A"s at all.
I certainly find weight control and general health and well being much easier to attain by following Dr D'Adamo's guidelines for group "O" people.
If anyone wants to follow up on his research on nutritional requirements for the different blood groups, his website is www.dadamo.com.
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  • Avoid eating all kind of oily & fried foods including burgers & pizzas,

  • No sugar-y/sweet foods e.g., cakes, chocolates, fizzy drinks etc,

  • Say no to red meat &

  • Say Yes to Fish, brawn bread, No-sugar juices, water etc are good.

P.S: I do have list of food combination to be used for different types of people depending on their lifestyle, body demands but since I can't examine or know that about you clearly, So, you need to Consult your doctor for that, he'll suggest you best combinations after examining you.
Good Luck!
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must avoid eating :
milk products
and if you smoke its better not to.
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Hi if you have the high cholesterol which mean you 've got a lot of meat so the bad is eat a lot f meat, you should change your habit and interest to eat meat, on the contrary you should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.
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Hello from ga. I really need to know, what meats to stay away from, and foods in general. Whats the best diet food for me, and my cholesterol is 263. How bad is that? Thank you, from georgia

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