If You Have High Cholesterol, Should You Eat Salmon? I Have Been Told That The Omega 3 In Salmon Can Lower Cholesterol; However, Salmon Is Very High In Cholesterol.


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What many people don't realise is that when the word 'high cholesterol' is said, it doesn't always mean a bad thing. This is because like a lot of things, there is a bad cholesterol and there is a good cholesterol, just like good fats in things such as nuts, olive oil, fish, and bad fats (in foods such as refined, processed meats and fast food).

Focusing on salmon, salmon is actually an amazing source of Omega 3 and contains such a high level, that the world truly would be a healthier place if every single human being consumed some per week, and this is because is absolutely loaded with HDL; high density lipoprotein.

Bad cholesterol, which can be found in processed foods, is called LDL; low density lipoprotein. In order to lower this to help you live a healthier life, you need to up your intake of foods that contain lots of HDL and salmon is notorious for being full of it. In fact, a recent study showed that by just eating a diet rich in salmon, within 20 days, cholesterol was reduced by a massive 10 per cent.

This goes for a lot of seafood, and you may hear many people telling you to avoid certain seafood and fish because they're high in cholesterol, again, this is a complete mix up between HDL and LDL.

Salmon is very good for you and is jam packed full of the magical Omega 3, but like most things, you must enjoy in moderation so you're able to just to sit back and feel the health benefits. Remember, although salmon is a fantastic source of HDL, it also contains mercury like all fish, so over-doing it and gorging on it daily, numerous times, isn't always good for you.

As for cholesterol though, salmon will only help to lower it and keep you healthier.
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Salmon is generally recommended by dieticians as part of a low cholesterol diet. It does have more cholestorol than some fish (about 65-70 mg per 100g - but this isn't very high. You may have been warned about salmon oil tablets - these should be checked with your doctor.

If you'd like a  look at this food guide, it has some good recommendation s for a healthy diet.
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My doctor suggested to eat more fish, but personally I can't stand it. So when I went to my pharmacist, she suggested that I should at least take a extract. You can find many different kinds of fish oil capsules in many places. I would also suggest Flax seed oil as well. That in combination with one Green Tea tablet and one CoQ10 tablet a day has helped me lose 55 pounds since April. Its only a suggestion, but I figured some consumption was better than none!
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Yes, keeping in mind that too low cholesterol can cause problems like depression, mind fog, anxiety. Also, if you are worried about a blockage there are arterial cleansers available. Don't get all hung up on the numbers as much, eat healthy, get exercise, and enjoy living. Real butter is good for you. Your body needs cholesterol to keep you arteries pliable.

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