Is Chinese Food High In Cholesterol?


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Typically yes, Chinese food is high in cholesterol. However, this statement needs to be qualified. Not all food of Chinese origin is high in cholesterol, or generally unhealthy. Mostly Chinese food is as balanced and beneficial as any other national cuisine. The problem comes with Chinese restaurants. Foods from these sorts of vendors tend to be quickly cooked and often very oily.
The best advice you can be given is to reduce the meat content in Chinese fast food, or with Chinese food in general, and to avoid anything fried. Their dishes to tend to be more vegetable orientated, it's just in the West (primarily the US and UK), it's a case that the quick, meaty dishes are the most popular.
Reducing the amount of meat in a dish will help, as will cutting the amount of sodium intake that day. If you don't know what has sodium in it then a quick look at the product's ingredients will tell you and explain its relation to your daily allowance. The most common sodium by-product is of course salt.
Other recommendations are to order Cantonese and get steamed rice, as opposed to another variety. This is because Cantonese is generally cooked fresher and is lighter in content; both in terms of size and ingredients. Steamed rice is preferable because it is a complex carbohydrate. As well as being low in refined carbohydrates it is also a metabolism boosting food. In comparison, fried rice is extremely high in cholesterol and special fried rice is made using day-old rice that is re-cooked and heavily flavored.
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I suppose the fried food on a menu is what you need to stay clear off but noodles,plain rice, spring rolls, prawns,meat in sauce,not too bad but prawn crakers,spare ribs,chips,egg fried rice are a no no ,have a feast once in a while and the rest of the time low fat plan
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Can I eat Singapore chow main with high cholesterol and how often can I eat it because its my fav food
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A lot of Chinese food is very healthy. However, everything you mentioned is fried or deep fried (noodles), so it's high in fat and cholesterol. Steamed dumplings, white rice, broccoli chicken, those are more healthy. It's all about the choices. Just like going to any other restaurant--the things that are on the healthy menu, vegetarian menu, or are steamed or grilled instead of fried are much better.

hope this helps!
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I had a slightly high cholesterol count and a sky high triglyceride level of 16! I cut out chinese food (of which I was a big fan) and it is now 1.1. I did change my diet to Paleo at the same time and I have also lost 2.5 stone without any real grief. Try it.
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A person should choose what he or she should eat. In China, the practice of not eating meat dates back to to ancient
times. And just as Chinese cuisine as a whole is famous for its range
and diversity, the Chinese vegetarian diet consists of much more than
tofu.Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls, Vegetarian Sweet and Sour "Spareribs" (With Walnuts), Vegetarian Bean Curd Rolls,Vegetarian Eight Treasures,Mock Crab Claws, Mock Oyster Source:
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The greasy street-corner, low-life, holl-in-the-wall Chinese restaurants cook very unhealthy, dirty food. Just look online for a 3-5 star Chinese restaurant and you won't find much grease and cholesterol.
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That's nice and all, but a lot of areas in the country only have those fast food style Chinese restaurants. For instance, a 3-5 star sit down, nice Chinese restaurant exists nowhere in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
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You are right! You can find best Chinese restaurant where you won't find much grease and cholesterol.

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