What Is The Best Munchies Food To Eat When You Are High?


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It's best to just wait it out and see what you're craving. I usually don't go to the grocery shopping or go out even when I'm stoned, but it's best to get whatever it is you're craving. It's best to keep a mind on calorie wise options (unless you're not worried about it) cause lets face it.. The munchies can be ONE way to gain weight! :S
Fruit flavored gum is always a plus. It keeps your mouth busy and it tastes awesome!

A few goodies of mine are. Munchies are completely personal! Whatever you like sober, you'll adore it while high! :)

Chocolate syrup on top of brownie chunk ice creamGrilled Cheese Sandwich (mmmmm)Root Beer Float (Root Beer and Ice Cream)Veggies and dipChocolate chip cookies...

There's SO many more!

Oh, and stay away from Vitamin C. So things like Orange juice and all.Vit C brings you down from the high.

Happy Tokings!

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Whatever sounds good at the time.  I get all sorts of cravings.  But usually I like to eat something that is heated up.

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