What's The Best Food To Eat When You Have A Stomach Upset?


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You will know within yourself when you’re ready to start eating solid food again, too. You will begin getting hunger pains again, and this is one of the sure signs that you are actually recovering from your problem. When your body can finally retain the food and requires it, and you feel like eating again, then you’re surely on the way to recovery. You’ll want to stay away from rich foods, however, as they can promote vomiting.

A couple of hours following on from being sick, and four or so hours after you have suffered from diarrhoea problems, you should attempt to start drinking clear liquids. You may consider opting for an ice lolly, energy drinks like Gatorade or even a broth. Given that dehydration can quickly occur when you’re vomiting and suffering from diarrhoea, it’s important that you get these liquids in your system in order to recover properly. You should try your best to drink as much as possible. It seems that ‘drinking plenty of water’ is the fix for everything, and in this case it is certainly true. If you vomit again or have a bowel movement again, then you should wait two to four hours to let your system calm down before you start drinking plenty of fluids again. Don’t under any circumstances, however, drink or consume any dairy products until you’ve recovered from your virus for a couple of days.

If you’re trying to recover from a stomach virus, it can often be difficult to stomach foods. You must remember that eating is important, however. After vomiting, cramps and diarrhoea, you need to do everything you can to ensure that you can build your strength up again. No matter how much you don’t want to eat, you’re going to have to.
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The most important thing that you HAVE to take in if you have diarrhea are liquids - lots and lots of them!Water along with minerals and salts help to maintain the osmotic potential in the body and prevent dehydration which is the most common result of diarrhea. Try ORT solutions available in every over the counter pharmacy.
Some foods that are good for diarrhea are those that  slow down the passage of material through intestines and replenish other nutrients that have been lost as a result of diarrhea. Such foods include bananas, oatmeal, boiled rice, mashed potatoes (go low on the butter though), toasted white bread, plain crackers, apples and green tea. Yogurt is a food that is especially good for diarrhea because of the live cultures in it. It is also a good source of protein.
You should avoid dairy products (except yogurt of course) because lactase bacteria may die out during diarrhea and would not be able to digest it. Yogurt is an exception because it is already partly digested and thus is easier on the gut.
Also avoid deep fried foods or those that are rich in fat or butter. Avoid spicy foods too and raw vegetables and seeds.
Following these tips can help to control diarrhea and make it easier for the patient to maintain his energy levels without stressing his digestive system. Even after your diarrhea has cured, try keeping your diet light for a couple of days so that it does not recur.
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The best food you can eat while you are suffering from stomach upset
is yogurt and bread.Banana will also work good.
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Bland foods like bread, crackers, and dry cereal are often good. Many people prefer to avoid dairy if they're experiencing an upset stomach. Of course, avoid fried or greasy food.
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Avoid red meats.  Eat bland foods.  Bananas, rice, toast w/o butter, plain pasta
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Eat only twice a day rice and buttermilk,or sweet is more of buttermilk and rice some curds and sugar
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Eat plenty yougurt drink plenty water and keep jumping up and down or run a round the house going upstairs  and coming down about 50 times

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