Foods Not To Eat When You Have Hemochromatosis?


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You should stick with a normal diet other than these few changes-
Drink Tea or coffe with each meal
Do NOT eat out of iron cookwear, (iron skillet)
No Organ Meat- Liver, etc.
Do NOT take Vitamin C Supplements at ALL..
You can eat salads, oranges, etc. That iron is called NON-HEME iron. This iron is passed through the body with little to no absorbtion. Veggies are okay, even if they have iron, because they possess this type of iron. It is the HEME iron that is bad. Never take Iron Supplements, get your phlebotomies, and keep a check on your liver enzymes.
Avacadoes help with the non absorbtion of iron, so do tannins (tea, etc), and dairy foods. Hope this helps! Kept my disorder in check for over 20 years... But now, I have to have help!! Those phlebotomies are a pain... Literally. 
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Go to your primary care physician who can refer you to a competent hematologist. There is no "dietary management" of hemochromatosis.

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