Can You Suggest A List Of Foods That Are Low In Iron? My Daughter Has Hemochromatosis.


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The human body is supposed to absorb a milligram of iron per day. People with either types of hemochromatosis can have their bodies absorb up to four milligrams of iron in just a day. The human body requires a milligram of iron in a day to function normally. For this reasons, your daughter needs to take foods that contain lesser amounts of this mineral.

You need to understand that there are two types of iron that our bodies utilize. The first type is iron from animal meat and iron from plants. Usually, iron in animal meats is quicker to absorb compared to the one in plants. Your daughter therefore needs to eat more plant foods rather than animal products.

Your daughter’s diet should also contain foods high in calcium because it slows down further the absorption of iron by the body. Vitamin C foods should however be avoided because they increase the absorption.

Bearing that in mind, these are some of the mineral rich foods that you can feed your daughter on:

Oxalates. This is a compound found mostly in vegetables like spinach, kales, nuts, wheat bran, parsley and basil. Oxalates slow down absorption of iron by the body.

Calcium. Foods like cheese, milk and yoghurt contain calcium which also inhibits the absorption of iron.

Phytate. Foods like almonds, dried beans, peas, cereals and whole grains contain phytate which reduce iron absorption significantly.

Fibre. Foods rich in fibre include nuts, grains, beans and rice. Fibre inhibits iron absorption.

Beverages. Give beverages like tea and coffee to your daughter together with her meals. They contain tannin which also inhibits iron absorption.

Feeding your daughter with foods rich in these minerals will ensure that she stays healthy even if she takes animal products. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a professional doctor or dietician before settling on a specific type of diet. You also need to put in mind the type of hemochromatosis your daughter suffers from. Also consider the severity of your daughter’s condition and act accordingly.

This information may not be the perfect solution for every patient’s condition. Caution should be exercised when using this kind of information.
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This is something people get confused about. YES.. Iron is in all food. There are those that have HEME iron... Iron that is absorbed easily and the ones to avoid, and NON-HEME iron.. Iron that usually just passes through the body. This is vegetables, and fruit. They have fiber and that helps make them EASY to digest, without much iron absorption at all.
HEME ---Avoid ALL RED MEAT and ORGAN MEATS.. Chicken and Pork are best, but for the love of all that is holy, stay away from shellfish!! Cooked or raw.. Don't even walk on the  beach barefoot. There is a bacteria in shellfish that CAN be deadly to an HH patient.
Avacados, Dairy, and tannins (tea, coffee) help stop the absorption of iron, while Vitamin C Supplements are a big NO NO.. And so is cooking in an iron skillet. BUT, you could have ONE piece of grandma's cornbread without much trouble. Just down it with milk or tea.
Once again- You can eat salads, fruit, etc. The iron in them is NON HEME. Read your ingredients. Do not take Iron Supplements and MSG (CHINESE FOOD) is so loaded with it in some restaraunts that I get ill. Fiber is GOOD. Watch for breads and cereals that are fortified with iron.
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Oh! I forgot, one boiled egg with a meal can stop 65% of iron absorption accordfing to recent studies.. Kindy ichy and full of calories.. But... 65% is a big number!
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Here is list of Food that are in Low in Iron

Sugar and Candy

Although a cup of refined table sugar does provide trace amounts of iron, a single-serving packet contains 0 milligrams. You won’t get any iron from artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, either. Butterscotch candies, toffee, gumdrops and other chewy fruit-flavored candies, chocolate-flavored syrup, and most instant pudding and gelatin mixes are iron-free, as well.

Boiled Egg is also good option.

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