I Need A List Of Foods Without Iron. Can You Help?


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Iron is needed by the body to produce hemoglobin, a protein carrying oxygen to muscles and red blood cells.

A condition called hemochromatosis interferes with a body's normal ability to absorb iron, making it necessary to reduce iron intake in a sufferer's diet.

Natural dairy food, for instance, contains very little iron. Unfortunately, many products are fortified with both vitamins and minerals.

Those trying to avoid dietary iron should make sure they choose products such as milk, yoghurt, cottage or other cheese which has not been fortified with this mineral. This can be determined by reading the labels on these products carefully.

Sugar contains no iron, but then it has little nutritional value in general. Eggs contain only trace amounts of iron. This makes them a far more suitable source of protein than iron rich red meats.

As most of the iron is contained within the yolk of eggs, eating only the whites will result in a significantly lower intake of iron.

Margarine which has not been fortified with vitamins and minerals and bananas also contain little more than trace amounts of iron.

Vegetables with dark green leaves should be avoided, as they contain much higher amounts of iron than lighter ones, such as iceberg lettuce or watercress.

Anyone trying to reduce iron within their system should also avoid Vitamin C intake through supplements or excessive amounts of fresh fruit, as Vitamin C facilitates iron absorption.

High fibre foods, such as rice, nuts, beans and grains, are foods that naturally reduce iron absorption. Again, it is necessary to check labels for possible fortification.

In case of cereal grains, Shredded Wheat is one of the few available options without added vitamins or minerals. It is certainly best to read product labels on all packed foods to ensure they do not contain added iron.
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I suggest reading nutrition facts on the food in the stores. I'm currently trying to find a list also. When reading the labels I try to find food with 4% or less iron it seems to help with my hemochromatosis. Sometimes it's hard to avoid iron (like eating out at restaurants or family's houses) but there are things to avoid like eating liver most cereals are over 25% iron and up to 100%. Almost all breakfast foods are iron fortified. I try to avoid them completely. Most dairy has little to no iron. I have found eating yogurt while feeling sick makes me feel better faster for some reason. Vitamin C is also something you want to avoid because it helps you absorb iron from your foods, though I still eat fresh fruits and veggies. Starchy foods such as bread and pasta have iron, and pretty much anything made with flour. Read the labels on foods in the store... I'm going to the store soon and am going to start to make a list of iron free or low iron foods. I have been to so many doctors and have done loads of reserch online with not much luck. No one seems to want to help. I wish you all good luck. And hopefully I will be posting my list soon!
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Iron boosters

* ready-to-eat cereals
* beans
* spinach
* beef
* shrimp
* tomatoes
* oysters
* broccoli
* rice
* peas
* potatoes
* watermelon

Iron busters

* caffeinated beverages
* chocolate
* an excess of high fiber foods
* some medications like antacids or phosphate salts
* high calcium foods

I found this on the website for red cross here's the link:
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Thank-you for your help ,im going through the same thing, in giving a pint of blood every week, to lower the iron in my blood it is very disturbing that there is no list of foods for to much iron.and actually this disease [hemochromotosis] is not really rare like i thought.looking on the net there are a quite a few people with it,god bless and i hope we all find the answers we need,
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Thanks your help
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Iron is an important mineral for the blood cells. However, there are some conditions in which iron is not absorbed by the body and it is recommended that foods containing iron should be avoided. In conditions like hermochromatosis, iron can cause damage to the liver, pancreas and the heart. Some of the foods which are the lowest in iron are Almonds, Raisins, Eggs, Broccoli, whole meal bread, hazelnuts, soy beans, watercress and Red kidney beans. Caffeine and high fiber foods decrease the absorption of iron in the body.
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My husband has hemochromotosis and now has to watch his iron intake.  I recently ordered "The Hemochromotosis Cookbook: Recipes and meals for Reducing the Absorption of Iron in Your Diet (by Cheryl).  Looking forward to getting this book.  I am so lost as we are a red meat eating familly.  He is eating more fruits and I'm still working on the veggie part.  He is not a veggie eater at all.  I also found a marinara sauce at Whole Foods Mkt. That has 0% iron called RAO's Homemade Marinara Sauce.  Bought it today, can't wait to try it! Good luck everyone!!!!!
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Would you please let me know where I can order the cookbook from as I was just reasonatly diagnosed with Hemochromotosis poisoning .
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Soup are high in salts and when given blood this should be a concern, just as I have learned after my ankle swelled up 2 sizes.  Iron is not all the take from your blood and you should take to in concern when trying to pick a healthy diet. Anything green is not good, full of iron.  Drinking tea is good. The best foods I found were on Canada websites where to is epic just like cancer and heart tacks are here in the states.  Canada has put a lot of research into this.  They are the latest and most updated research on this topic and I found all my answer there (including foods).
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The normal iron count for the body is between 10 and 129. Mine is 2129. They will have to take blood every month for at least a year to try to get it into the normal range. They is a very rare disease. I need help finding food with no or very low iron content.
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hemachromatosis? I have recently been diagnosed and have found some foods that have little iron, most importantly stay away from cruciferous vegetables. Eat all the fruit you want, except rasin's and prunes. Watch the cereals you eat as most grains, and flours are enriched with iron. I have found that rice cakes, polenta, barley flour, and dairy products are low in iron. If you are experiencing hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) you will also want to avoid fats, sugars, and proteins.
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Milk, cheese and yogurt are low in iron (less than .20mg/100 g of food) and provide a good source of protein.
Fruit Juice and Sodas
Most fruit juices and sodas have a low iron count. Grapefruit, cranberry and orange are all very low.
Fresh Fruits
Some fresh fruits, especially blueberries, honeydew melon, apples, are relatively low in iron (less than .20mg/100 g of food).
Turnips (.18 mg) and radishes (.15 mg) have very low iron content. Avoid leafy green vegetables, which have a high iron count.
Many condiments including salad dressing, vegetable oil and soup mixes contain little iron.
White Rice
White rice and white rice noodles both contain small amounts of iron (.14 mg/100 g of food). Avoid any type of grain that has been fortified with iron.

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I would have to say a low ketogenic diet foods! It is a fast way to lose some weight! I am on it and am very pleased with the results I only wanted to lose ten pounds and I lost more in about a 21/2 week period and you can definitely tell! For low carb you start out by eating 20g of carbs a day for 2 weeks. By just doing this it will shock your body and after three days you will be in a state of contoses. The state of contoses is where your body will run off the 20g of carbs and the already exsisting fat/carbs and burn them away! After 2 weeks of 20g you should go to 30g for another 2 weeks, 40g-2 weeks,50g 2 weeks.. Then drop back down to 20. It is a quick way I lost.

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Hello there,

Here is a list of foods without iron:

Fat-free ice cream

Baby food

Beef tallow


Butter oil

You can click on the following link to get more information:
The body needs iron to transport oxygen. It is mostly present in animal-based
foods such as eggs and poultry.

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