When You Crack Open An Egg, Do You Crack It On A Flat Surface, Or On The Edge Of Something?


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I don't know how to crack egg properly, I do it with trembling hands-always. And, since I don't know how to break one, I had no idea from where to crack it. But usually used edges for that purpose. Now you are giving me useful tips with those mouth watering questions-I wonder restaurants will make you their promoting ambassador, had they knew your asking mouth watering questions quality.
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Now I have to hunt down my junior high Home Economics teacher and take
her to task for never sharing this nifty tip.  At least I don't
remember her ever telling us to crack eggs on a flat surface. 
Maybe I just wasn't paying attention.  Probably teaching people
important life skills when they are thirteen or fourteen years old and
all angsty and wound up with hormones is not the greatest plan. 
Thanks for sharing. :)
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I am an edge -er...if there is such a thing...  :)
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The edge of something. Well, actually, i haven't really thought about it. To me i think if you were to crack it on a flat surface it would just break not crack. So i would say on the edge.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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No, you crack it on a flat surface, gently. If you crack it on the edge of the bowl or pan, then you are getting little shards of eggshell in your food.
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Actually I use both methods with equal results (not on the same egg of course).  It's a matter of what one practices. Care to try my favorite challenge of cracking two eggs together and separating one by each hand?  I'm still working on that one.
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Actually, I didn't think about that before now..
I just crack the egg on anything i see in front of me :D
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I do it on a flat surface, and then I open it with one hand instead of using both hands to pull the egg shell apart.
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I was always told to crack it on a flat surface so none of the shell could get into the egg. And to never crack an egg directly into a mixing bowl, always into a smaller dish first  in case there is something wrong with it. That way you haven't just ruined your whole batch of cookie dough.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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That is to make sure that you don't use a bad egg. If you find an egg with any color other than egg clear white, and a yellow yoke, you might be in trouble!!!!!
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I always crack eggs on the side of my Pyrex measuring cup, for a clean break.  I also put the egg in to the cup to make sure it is good to use before I dump it in the batter.  I have ruined a batter before by not checking my eggs 1st.
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Usually on the edge of something because with that, I can do it with 1 hit, rather than several.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Even with one hit, you still get the shards in your eggs, and many people mistake that crunch to be pepper rather than egg shell. Yuck.
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I crack the egg on the edge of the bowl. If you try to crack an egg on a flat surface all you get is a mess. Peace
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I crack eggs on the side of the bowl I am using or the side of the counter. Cracking one on a flat surface sounds like a disaster waiting to happen!

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