Where Can I Find A List Of No Carb Foods?


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Lily James answered

Zero Carbs or low carbs are known as the best way to reduce weight. Here is a list of zero carb food;

- All kinds of fish including tuna, salmon, Trout, sole, flounder etc

- All kinds of meat like beef, pork, veal etc, never use processed meat.

- All kinds of eggs, however, its best not to eat the yolk

- All kinds of vegetables and salad except those that grow underground.

- All staple food containing proteins except for wheat, lentils etc.

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Melissa Rcano answered
Try this link www.healthandfitness.com
click the purple letters and it gives you a long list. Look into it and let me know if it helped any. Also if you know more about how to follow a diet do tell me. I'm looking into losing weight myself.

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