Where Can I Get A List Of Low Potassium And Sodium Foods?


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If you have a specific dietary requirement or simply want to lose a bit of weight, your eating plan or medical professional may recommend that you find a list of low potassium and low sodium foods for you to consume. Once you have this information, you will be able to select items from this extensive menu that complement each other, allowing you to create well-balanced main meals across all the major food groups as well as nutritious lunches. The UK National Kidney Federation, which can be found at, has plenty of great advice on the foodstuffs that will satisfy your low potassium requirements.

Interestingly, you’ll be able to find that there are some luxury items that count as low potassium options. For example, if you like a glass of wine with your evening meal, opting for a bottle of dry white is a better option than red. Afterwards, you’ll be better off with a cup of tea than coffee. Simple replacements won’t limit your enjoyment of food and drink, but will drastically improve your health.

As for foods that are low in sodium, this basically means choosing items that are low in salt. Although this website links to a product that offers a low-sodium alternative to salt, scrolling down will allow you to see a list of foods that have less than 150 mg of sodium per serving, in addition to products with less than 250 mg of sodium per portion. This way, you’ll be able to make healthy choices during the week, and have the odd high-sodium treat at weekends if your doctor or dietary plan says it’s OK. The link can be found here: Best of luck with your new diet!
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I would like low potassium and low sodium food reciepe for someone who also has chronse disease
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I am sharing with you two websites. One for Low Potassium Foods and other for Low Sodium Foods.

Low Potassium Foods
Low Sodium Foods
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Why would you want low potassium? I thought it was good for you. Is it because of the Crone's disease?

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