What Foods Contain Low Or No Potassium?


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Potassium is a mineral found in a whole range of foods. It helps to keep the heart beating regularly, maintain fluid balance and allows the nerves and muscles to work properly. Levels of potassium in the blood is maintained by the kidneys.

People who take certain medicines or who have chronic kidney disease must limit the amount of potassium in their diet to keep potassium levels normal. Normally potassium levels are balanced by eating foods that contain potassium and getting rid of excess potassium in the urine. However people with chronic kidney disease can not get rid of enough potassium as their kidneys do not function normally. In chronic kidney disease suffers the level of potassium in the blood can become higher than the norm, causing a condition known as hyperkalemia. Eating a low potassium diet can lower the risk of developing hyperkalemia    

There are range of foods that can be eaten to help maintain a low potassium diet. Firstly there a lots of fruits which contain little or no potassium. For example apples, lemons, blueberries, grapes, pears and peaches. These all contain  at the most 120mg of potassium per 1 cup serving , but are important as they contain essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

There is a wide range of vegetables to someone on a low potassium diet, such as raw cabbage, green beans, carrot and endive. These all contain less than 125mg of potassium per 1 cup serving. Other vegetables that are also low in potassium are lettuce and bell peppers. Its is wise to avoid vegetables such as tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and artichoke as many of these vegetables contain over 400mg of potassium per serving.

Grains are essential in any diet as they contain carbohydrates which the body needs to convert into energy. Grains such as steamed white rice contains only 30mg of potassium per half cup serving.

It is wise to limit your meat and protein intake if on a low potassium diet as meat can as much as 150mg of potassium per 8-oz. Avoid canned, smoked, salted or pickled meats as they can contain significantly higher amounts of potassium. However dairy products such as cheddar cheese and cottage cheese are low in potassium and a 1 cup serving can contain as little as 60mg of potassium. Though products such as skimmed, whole and low fat milk can contain as much as 300mg of potassium per cup and plain yogurt contains 500mg of potassium per cup serving.

However one of the most ignored parts of changing your diet to a low potassium diet is changing the beverage you consume, tea and most fruit juices are low in potassium containing under 200mg of potassium per 1 cup serving. While soft drinks and alcoholic beverages should be avoided.
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Some fruit like banana and apricot are rich in potassium so as to many other foods. To find out the complete list of low potassium food, visit the link below.
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Well a lot of fruit have potassium mostly banana

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