Which Is Higher In Potassium, Kiwi Or Banana?


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While there are many delicious vegetables and fruits that are high in potassium here are some numbers for bananas vs. Kiwi
Bananas, fresh – 1 cup sliced – 594 mg
Kiwi, raw – 1 medium – 252 mg
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'Its potassium content by weight is slightly less than that of a banana.' that is a text taken from wikipedia when you type in kiwi fruit. So banana has the more potassium!! Hope it helped.
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I have a low potassium problem and when I get sick of bananas I will
drink a 12oz glass of orange juice or a baked potato which are both
higher in potassium than a banana.
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Banana has high potassium than Kiwi Like one Cup of raw banana have 594 mg of potassium while one medium raw Kiwi have 252 mg of potassium.
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KIWIS have the most potassium. That comment on wikipedia about bananas having more potassium by weight than kiwis is true, but only when the fruit is compared pound for pound. But you would get more potassium per kiwi than potassium per banana. KIWIS: 562mg per kiwi and BANANAS:537mg per banana. Wikipedia Is funded by everyone, and even though not a giant corporation, banana growers like "Dole" and "La Chiquita" could influence the information on Wikipedia. EVERYONE reads Wikipedia so if people are looking to buy potassium rich foods they'll go directly to bananas. I love bananas, but I also know that kiwis are better by a small margin. Just eat both and know the truth. Kinesiology B.A.-Nutrition, Fitness, and Health San Diego State University.
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Banana but if you are looking for a fruit high in potassium cantalope is your best option
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Accoridng to the statistics from NKF, safe level of potassium in your blood is 3.5-5.0, if higher than 6.0, which means you are in the extremely danger.Bananan contains 422 mg of potassium while kiwi is 215 mg. So banana is much higher than Kiwi.

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