Which Has Higher Calories, Tea Or Coffee?


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Tea and coffee without sugar and milk have zero calories. Such tea and coffee are beneficial for the health. They do not increase our weight and amount of sugar in the body. Tea without sugar helps to reduce tooth decay, reduce kidney stones, lower the risk of heart disease.

When we add sugar and milk in tea or coffee, it gets high calories. Such tea or coffee intake increases the body weight and amount of sugar in the body. They are harmful for Diabetes patients.

Herbal teas like ginger and peppermint are caffeine- free and are also calorie-free. One should not drink coffee more than 500mg daily. It is harmful to health. Liquid coffee contains more amount of caffeine than that of tea. On the contrary, dry coffee contains less amount of caffeine than tea.

Generally, tea has higher calories than coffee. The special coffee contains sugar, whole milk, cream and chocolate. Such coffee has very high calories.

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