When Was Instant Coffee First Invented?


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Instant coffee was first invented by a japanese chemist called Satori Kato in 1901. However, although it was coffee and although it was 'instant' it was apparently not very nice, which was something of a stumbling block to its success.

For the next thirty years, various processes were tried to re-invent instant coffee. It was not until 1st April 1938 that real, palatable instant coffee was invented and it was Nescafe!

Nescafe is produced by Nestle and the word Nescafe is actually derived from Nestle and Cafe. Nestle started to produce coffee because the Brazilian Government had approached it in 1930, asking them to produce a high quality coffee from their beans.

As coffee production grew, Nestle grew ever more impatient in its quest to produce instant coffee, but it took a further eight years, until 1938 and since then it has evolved into one of the most popular drinks on the planet.
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David Strang from Invercargill NZ was actually the first person to create "soluble coffee powder", or instant coffee, in 1889.

Strang, who owned the Coffee and Spice Works factory in Invercargill, applied for the patent for his discovery in 1890, suggesting it wasn't available anywhere else at that time.

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