I Don't Like Tea Or Coffee So Which Hot Drinks Can I Have?


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Although some people would love you to think it, not liking tea or coffee is perfectly normal! Many people find it too bitter and unpleasant to drink. You may find that as you get older your taste changes and you may start to enjoy it, but there really is no reason you should!

You might find that some herbal or flavoured teas may be quite pleasant. Try peppermint tea for a refreshing hot drink which is good for your digestive system. Most brands do not contain tea leaves, just peppermint leaves. Adjust the strength by how long you leave the bag in the water.

For a sweet drink hot chocolate is the obvious choice.

Mixing hot water, honey and lemon juice is a lovely warming drink - great for when you have a cold.
Another good fruit drink is hot orange and cinnamon. Just add some grated cinnamon to some heated orange juice.

Also try just adding some blackcurrant cordial to hot water.
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Hot chocolate?

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I don't like coffee or tea either but I love hot chocolate and you can flavor it with different extracts or peppermint.  I also flavor warm milk with different extracts I love vanilla milk hot or cold (milk, vanilla, splenda, or whatever sweetener you like)  my husband and kids love it too.  It is good before bed.  Almond extract in milk is good with or without honey, and it can help you sleep too.  Then there is hot lemonade with honey.
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I was never partial to the typical powdered hot cocoa, but I've discovered a few recipes for making REAL hot chocolate. In a skillet, pour in 3/4 cup of milk and heat it until it's juuuust boiling. Stir in 3/4 cup of semi-sweet chocolate morsels and over low heat, stir it until all the chocolate is melted. Pour it into a mug and enjoy!

Of course you could always add in marshmallows or top it with whipped cream and some shaved chocolate. And you can add mint leaves to your mixture while it's still cooking and make a minty hot chocolate drink.

And of course, if it's too thick, add in a bit more milk until it's the consistency you want it to be. ENJOY!
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An obvious option would be hot chocolate. But, there are hot flavoured milk shakes too. A strawberry flavoured hot drink is my favourite. Surely, there are other options these include banana, cherry, mango and more flavours. They are available from NESQUIK.

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I love Milo adn hot chocolate. Try  it out.
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Oh my god!! Okey heat up some cranberry and apple juice together and then use a Cinnamon stick to stir it, its great!
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Plenty of nice barley/squash drinks out there in many flavours.

Also don't forget you can heat up juices in the microwave. One of my favourites is cranberry juice heated up. Surprisingly it's very nice heated up. I like to affectionately call it 'hot cranners'. :)

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