Is Coffee Really Good Or Bad For You?


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Well we know coffee is a diuretic, and can cause you to urinate frequently, so that's probably where that rumor about being good for urinary tract infections (UTIs) started.  But caffeine aggravates that kind of infection and can cause dehydration.  I would stay away from carbonated and caffeinated beverages while you're dealing with that infection.  And actually, cranberry juice is one of the best things to drink when you're dealing with a UTI.  Its Ph creates an environment in your bladder in which bacteria finds it difficult to survive.

But getting back to coffee--whether it's good for you or not--Caffeine is a stimulant, which increases your heart rate, constricts blood vessels, and increases feelings of tension.  Even decaf has caffeine, just less.  I have heard from my doctor that caffeine has been weakly linked in the past to increased fibrocystic breasts also (these are fatty cysts, not cancerous tumors).  

But the good news about coffee is this.
Recent research is proving is more beneficial than harmful overall for the average person with no extreme or aggravating health conditions.  For example, a couple of studies, including a pretty recent Harvard study,  just announced that there is some evidence that coffee can cut the risk of type 2 diabetes, PArkinsons desease and possibly colon cancer... WOW.  Here is a link to all the good things that science is now thinking drinking coffee can do for you (you can copy and paste this into your web browser): take a moment to rate my answer so I will know if it was helpful to you.  Good luck!
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amore01, you are so knowledgable, its really good to know cranberry juice can cure UTI, thanks a lot. I have a friend who always suffers UTI, will let her know!
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Amore01, great response. very thorough. thanks for the link--I'm gonna check it out!
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well, it stunts your growth but it gives you energy!
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Yea I Agree with susie93552 & tiger21. Adding I want to say even if you drink coffee pls take it without milk or cream. Still Tea is better option to relax than Coffee as tea has tannin acid & other beneficial ingredients which more effectively fight with dangerous free radicals leading to reduction in cancer risk & other metabolic deficiency. Even for tea I will personally suggest to drink hot lemon tea. Lemon precipitate excess tannin acid. However you can drink hot tea with milk if you don't have gas problems. And last don't drink COLD tea or coffee, may be taste but it is not good for health.
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Another good thing abot coffee is also an antioxidant so it attacks free radicals
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If you are a woman, coffee may be bad for you, well too much coffee anyway. Talk to your OBGYN doc about it. It's been said that too much caffeine can shrink your breast!!! Or cause your breast tissue to lump up.
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Edgar Cayce says coffee is a good food untill you mix milk or cream in it. It has to do with a conflict with the ph. also they have recently found that approx. four cups a day reduces your chances of getting colan cancer. it also is great for migraines. the caffein opens up the blood vessels in your head allowing the blood to flow. plus it wakes you up when you need to and don't want to.
Well it keeps you reg,and all the caff is bad for you I guess soft drinks are bad for teeth,maybe coffee is too
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Coffee in itself is good for you. Remember the cliche', "Everthing in moderation." What makes it bad is all the other additives and over-consumption by the masses. Caffine stimulates the brain and other neurons in the body to react faster and more efficient. It also regulates the body's waste disposal functions. Coffee has gotten a bad reputation from the mis-uses we have became addicted!
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I think you can get headache if you drink too much coffee a day.. You know it's just like with the energy drinks.. So one to two cups will be fine more wouldn't be good. .

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