Why Do People Drink Coffee In The Morning?


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People usually get addicted to having coffee in the morning. It is because it helps them stimulate their system as it contains caffeine. Caffeine is mildly addictive and people who take it in the morning feel that they can not feel fresh in the morning if they don't take coffee. This is basically their addiction to caffeine that makes them feel in such a manner.
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Coffee contains substances that used to speed and wake up the user...
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There are several reasons:

1) Habit. Drinking coffee in the morning, every morning, is ritual, habitual behaviour.

2) Kickstart. Your alertness returns more quickly in the morning if you consume caffeine, whether you are habitual or not.

3) Addiction to caffeine, the useful tool. While nowhere as addictive as nicotine, caffeine is habit-forming. It is the habitual
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I drink a cup in the morning, then another cup in the morning, a cup in the afternoon and another cup in the evening. Am I addicted? You bet I am. Don't try to take my coffee away, you won't like me without my coffee, I turn into the Hulk.

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Coffee is a blessing from the almighty, almighties or supreme power in
all of the universe. It is a universal commandment that one should
start the day, the year, and your heart with a big cup o' java.
Coffee is life itself, a fragrant cup of health, vitality, and
delciosity. It maketh the blood flow, raiseth up the crops, yea, it
causeth the sun to shine! My brain sparketh, my tongue sings it's
praise, particularly when it's good and strong!
Coffee is the most important substance in the universe and, when
scientists talk about the missing "dark matter" that makes up 90% of
the universe... They just need to go talk to the nice people at
It's coffee!  The most important meal of the day.
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I am often short of sleep and I have to work in the daytime, so I need coffee to keep me good. Drinking coffee in the morning, that is  the best time for me to keep me awake.

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I really like good strong coffee. I don’t only drink coffee in the morning and just because I like the taste. I even bought a coffee machine for making coffee, if you are interested here is the link With this coffee machine you can make great and delicious coffee, so try

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Because people believe that it keeps you more awake than anything else for the day.But research has proven that apples keep you more awake in the morning than coffee.It is also addicting.
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If I don't get my morning cup of coffee, I get a headache & I feel sluggish. I drink caffeinated coffee, so yes, I am addicted. I used to drink a diet coke in the am but when I started working, only coffee was available. So, I developed the habit.

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