What Does Caffeine Do To You?


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It gives you a boost and it does cause anxiety.

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Caffeine has a lot of acid contents in it that is so strong it can make people look older than their real age. Same as cigarettes-although cigarettes you smoke but not digest - but the same go inside the body only different destination. So coffee with cigarette (which is so good) combined will attack 2 different organs: Cigarette to the lungs and caffeine to the intestine. Acid from caffeine is harmful to the intestines and with an added acidic food and soda, sweets (turns into acid somehow) carbohydrates (turns into sugar then turns into acid) will eventually make people sick. In other country people who are poor are healthier that people who are richer, The reason why is poor people does not have the capabilities to buy pastries and other extra food- they can only afford the 3 day regular meals and sometimes they have to eat less to prolong the meal to next day. Rich people are the opposite. The kind of disease also varies between rich people and poor people. For example, poor people just drink water and seldom tastes soda which is very acidic and very bad for the intestine - poor people hardly drink liquor because they can't afford it also. While rich people are enjoying lavishly on these food and they get sick and die quicker than the other group.

I have no other way of defining poor or rich people - but I'm not sexist. Just straight forward so it is easier to understand. By the way, I experienced both being poor and the other and I can tell the difference. I am following the poor living way anyway. And I'm proud of it.
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A lot of people the world over consume some from of caffeine every single day. Caffeine is considered to be America's most popular drug. Most of life's daily pleasures like coffee, soft drinks, tea and chocolates contain caffeine. Over the past two decades there have been numerous studies on the effects of caffeine. When humans consume caffeine, it works as a stimulant. Medically, caffeine can be used as a cardiac stimulant as well as a mild diuretic.

Recreationally, people have used it to get a "boost of energy" or a sensation of heightened alertness. Often, people use it to stay awake longer (college students and drivers, for example). It uses the same mechanisms to stimulate the brain as are used by amphetamines, cocaine, and heroin. Effects include tensing of muscles, excitement, and increased heartbeat. It makes you feel good by manipulating dopamine production. Caffeine is known to be an addictive drug and its over-consumption is detrimental to health.
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I drink caffiene and I am only ten years old will it effect me?
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Yes it will even though your still young you shouldn't be having it because it will keep you awake and your brain will be crabing for every juicy bit of caffeineevery day which is bad for you. You can still have coffe, chocolate ore teas but make sure you dont have a lot of it!!
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Caffeine will give a burst of energy. Caffeine can become an addiction, finding that you need the caffeine to function first thing in the morning. Be careful on your consumption of caffeine.

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