Drinking Black Tea: Is It Good Or Bad For You?


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Latest research has found that the anti-oxidants in tea are good for you. BUT if you add milk to the tea, the milk cancels out the anti-oxidants. So drinking tea "black" ie without milk is good for you. If you are concerned about caffeine, then buy de-caffeinated tea, or tea low in caffeine, such as green tea.
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It is thought that black tea is just as good for you as green tea, if not better. It has been shown to lower bad cholesterol right down, hence decreasing the risk of a stroke later on in life. It is also known to increase Coronary flow which reduces the risk of heart disease, and also, it has even been thought to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Other health benefits include a reduced risk of arthritis, there is often less tooth decay in tea drinkers, and it is a rich source of potassium and manganese as well as several other vitamins includes Vitamin A, B1, B2, and B6.

Overall black tea is good for you so if you like your tea strong, you will love this! It is said that if you let the water boil first, then spend at least three minutes straining the tea bag, you will get the most benefits. Obviously this is because you will be getting more of the tea into the cup, hence having more of its benefits!
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Black tea, or Ceylon tea, named as such, because of where it is grown, (although tea is produced in the highlands of many countries, including Malawi, Sri Lanka and all over Asia) contains caffeine and tannins, which are not entirely beneficial to the body, if the tea is consumed in large quantities. Caffeine is also present in coffee, soft drinks, and flu remedies, It is considered a stimulant, and therefore can raise blood pressure, and cause withdrawal headaches, when it is no longer drunk.

The tannins that exist in black tea, also exist in wine, and other drinks that come from berries. However the biflavanoids are said to be beneficial, So it depends how much you drink.
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Black tea has a positive health effect. It lowers your risk of some cancers and CHD. - That is if you drink 3 or more cups. Here is a study done, its all true, notice the .gov domain www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16855537
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Its good for your healt,cause of it has an anti-oxidant and can make your skin better,,but black tea have a cafe-in it make you want drink it again and again,,,the better you drink green tea, because it have higth anti-oxidant and very low cafe-in
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Its good for you so isn't lipton ice tea unsweetened it has a lot of oxidants in it very good for the heart and other organs so drink on k.
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I think its good, in moderation. Obviously if you add 3-4 spoonfuls of sugar and condensed milk in it'll end up being bad for your health.
Black tea has caffeine, which can really be helpful if you want to avoid coffee when studying for finals or mid-terms.

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