Is Beer Drinking Good Or Bad?


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Drinking a beer is not all good. It has some benefits but it seems it has more disadvantages. Different beer have different amount of carbohydrates and calories. My suggestion is to avoid such things in which you have doubts of damaging your health. For advantages and disadvantages of beer, click here
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It depends on how much you drink at a time.
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I have been drinking one beer daily for thirteen years now.  Preferred time:  Just before lunch, that is, 11:00 am.  Drink it slowly, enjoying it still during lunch.  It definitely stopped my adolescence (bad food habits) acquired gastritis.  It helps relax tension from work.  At 39 years old, my weight is 120 pounds, very few exercise because of my computer design 24/7 job.  Still no signs of any disease whatsoever.
It may be important to mention, nine years ago I added a daily black tea with powder Soya milk every morning.
Everything else:  Moderation.  Equilibrium.  Good attitude no matter how hard things get.  
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Its not good it can damage your organs very badly.
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Drinking beer in moderation  can strengthen your bones, excellent stress buster, rich in vitamin b6, good urination  so kidney stone problem won't near, relaxes body. Extensive silicon  level can prevent osteoporosis which even I feel it as a software professional. My advice, having small glass every night can  keep you in perfect mental condition.
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Beer is the greatest invention in history of mankind. Advantages of beer drinking is readily available in numerous websites...So happy drinking...

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