Can Drinking Beer Kill U?


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Two ways,you can die from binge drinking,alcohol poisoning,or buy becoming an alcoholic,liver failure.
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Yes, when your brain does not work properly while under the influence. Like driving under a bridge abutment ,driving the wrong way on the freeway,driving off a bridge,or into a highway divider or driving under a semi tractor trailer. Or mixing drugs with it because you don't know what your doing because your normal decision making skills are inhibited from the alcohol.
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If you drive whilst p**sed ,the impact of a fatal crash kills you not drinking the beer. The question was can drinking beer kill you?.
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Picasso : If the beer was not "consumed" then their decision making skills would not be inhibited letting them make decisions they would not make if they were in their right mind. No beer no death from crashing in a car while driving.or mixing other things like drugs. Now if you want to get technical and say that beer alone can not kill on it's own from being consumed. Even that has been proven wrong because you can literally drink yourself to death or should i say drown in your own fluids.
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Ok death by misjudgement caused by alcohol it is then. Lol.
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If you drink too much, of course alcohol will kill you!!
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If you drink too much, yes it can. Also, if you are diabetic, it can shoot your blood sugar levels up dangerously high.
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Binge drinking can cause liver shutdown in some cases (alcohol poisoning) Excessive daily drinking can cause a myriad of problems, depression/suicide, lack of appetite/declining health, sugar imbalance/diabetes.Just to name a few. And as Nomad pointed out, many people drink and make very stupid mistakes like driving, taking the risk of killing themselves and others. Loss of inhibition and taking chances of fighting or leaving with a murderous stranger.
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Beer is alcohol and prolonged years of alcohol consumption may affect your lliver which willl lea d to death.
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Can lead to cirrhosis's of the liver an it kills brain cells yes

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