Does Drinking Beer Make You Sick If You Have Liver Problems?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
Absolutely.  The liver is a filter which filters out toxins. When toxin intake too high, such as drinking beer, it releases it into your blood steam, which in turn causes you to get drunk.  Drunk is actually blood poisoning and deprives the brain of oxygen.  Combined with a liver problem  EGADS, can cause total shut down.  Be extremely careful, consult your doctor as the liver if not too damaged can repair itself by avoiding certain things like over the counter medications and of course, alcohol
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Lesley Jennings answered
Of course it does! It's like asking "If you take over 30 paracetamols, will you end up in hospital". But of course. The amount of pain from the beer will vary from person to person
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ronald jude answered
Yes most certainly beer is broken down by the liver
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philthy animal answered
Wow! It's bad when a chimp knows more about human anatomy than a human! Of course it does!!! That's one of the first organs destroyed in an alcoholics body.
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Hi... I'm 35 years old I started drinking beer 2 years a go after my grandmother passed away... I never drank beer before that. I would have a mix drink once in a while when my husband would take me out but not often.. After my grandmother passed I was so depressed... I would drink a beer everyday... And more on the weekends... I gained like 20 pounds... And I was filling pain in the middle of my chest and side side... The doctors were telling me I had gastritis and I felt constipated last week I went to the hospital cause I felt so bad. They did a ultrasound and they said my liver was swollen... I've been drinking a lot of water and no..... NO..BEER... I feel better....  I also would notice a ugly taste in my mouth. Like metal.. Does that have anything to do with it.. I also heard .. Milk thistle is good for liver

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