If A Person Drinks Between 8-10 Beers Per Day, Do They Have A Drinking Problem?


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If they aren't an alcoholic yet, they will almost certainly be soon. Alcoholics often don't realize they are addicted until they try to stop, or something bad happens in their life. If you or someone you care about is drinking that much every day, please try to talk some sense into them before it's too late. It's not healthy physically or mentally to get drunk every day.
My dad and maternal grandmother were both severe alcoholics until they died.
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They do not necessarily have a drinking addiction unless they can not function without drinking but it is a dangerous amount to be drinking each day and may cause health problems. 

It is advised that you do not drink more than 21 units a week for men or 14 units a week for women - a beer is around 3 units. You are also advised not to drink more than 4 units in one day (3 units for women) and to have at least 2 alcohol free days each week. You can read more about safe levels of alcohol at alcohol advice.

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That is a high amount of alcohol to be consuming everyday...there is definitely a drinking problem there.
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Yes 8-10 beers on a daily basis is way too much it is way beyond what is medically recommended both for a man and woman.

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