How Much Soda Do You Drink In A Day?


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Kathy Castillo answered
Sadly, I am addicted to soda pop. I probably drink about 60 ounces in a day (give or take a few). I know it is bad for me, and I want to stop, but it is hard. Too much pop will cause health problems such as diabetes, so you should not drink too much.
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terry rossignol
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Wow! That is alot of soda! Please be careful and drink some water weather it is flavored or not! Soda will dehydrate you too!!
Jackie LaCosse
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I only drink one can per day.. If that. Water is good for you. Flavored water is an option. Gatorade has a lot of sodium.
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andi XD answered
About 2 2liters it's alot I know so I'm cutting back
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terry rossignol
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Oh my then you should drink at least a couple of glasses of water so you don't get dehydrated and end up with migraines.
andi XD
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Funny thing is I don't drink any water lol
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Jane Snow answered
Maybe one soda every now and then I am more of a water person and I really do like coffee especially when I am reading or studying for my lessons for Sunday's.
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Ann Vossler answered
Way to much is the best way I can answer this.  I don't really care for coffee and I know I should drink more water which I've been trying to do.
I used to drink up to 12 Mt.  Dews in a day, until I developed lumps in my breasts due to the only 1 a day & a 1/2 gallon of‚ô•Nassy
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LISA Hawkins answered
If you love pop a good way to trick yourself is drink sparkling water,you can add fruit juice to it for some flavour. This way you are still getting the fizz but also doing away with the caffeine, much healthier for you and it does trick the mind (works for me anyway). Hope this helps.
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Al answered
I used to drink 8-10 cans a day of pepsi now I R/O filter my water
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Tina answered
There is a convienience store right across the street, so it is too easy for me to run across for a soda from the fountain. I drink 3, 44ounce cups a day of diet soda, I cant drink milk, or juice, so I drink water and soda.
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Well this is bad I know, but probably a 2 liter or more a day.
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LISA Hawkins
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If you are addicted to pop here is a good way to trick yourself. Drink sparkling water you can add fruit juice to it for some flavour. By drinking this you are still getting the fizz you crave but not the caffeine. Works for me.. Try it, hope this helps.
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Charming Gurl answered
At the past I used to drink one to three cans a day. But now, at the present I don't drink much.. I drink one every three to four days. That's because my belly got big and it looked awful! So I stopped it!
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I'll go days and days, even over a week and not have any pop at all.  Then out of the blue I'll get a craving and have to go and drink a whole bottle 0.5l of cola or an energy drink!

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I work at a flea market and its slow all the time so I get bored and drink like 3 to 5 sodas a day. I know i shouldnt but i do.
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I drink between 6 and 8 12oz cans per day, I know it's WAY too much and in most cases drink 0oz of water. :(

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