How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? On average. Or do you drink Tea instead?


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Ancient Hippy answered

I drink two 16 oz. Cups in the morning, one in the afternoon and another about 7:00-8:00 in the evening. Rarely drink tea.

Matt Radiance Profile
Matt Radiance answered

During the day I have green tea, usually once, sometimes more than a few! But my morning coffee is a steady routine every morning. One cup, each morning.

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Maurice Korvo answered

Prior to my heart problems, 14-16 cups a day! Now, one small (senior from MacDonalds) coffee and a refill first thing in morning.

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Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
I miss those days too.
Lard Ass
Lard Ass commented
Dang Korvo!....flash! Wait, what was that Rooster?......oh it's just Korvo burning off his caffeine!
Maurice Korvo
Maurice Korvo commented
Whenever we go to Vegas, I buy some cigarettes and 6am I get a paper from the front desk, go to the bar in the casino, and get a coffee, smoke a cigarette and read the paper. (at 6am they don't mind me sitting there and not gambling :) )
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Yo Kass answered

One in the morning. One when I get to work. Maybe one or two during the day after that. Sometimes one or two when I get back home...

So I guess anywhere between 3 and 6 most days.

I probably used to drink more, but I've kind of gone off it a little bit. Doesn't seem to have the same effect it did, and the taste is getting a bit boring. Plus I'm trying to drink more water instead, to be healthier!

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Skip Gentry answered

4 or 5 cups in the morning.

SuperFly Original Profile

Ive been almost completely off caffeine and zero difference. I could drink 5 cups and go to sleep! Caffeine never proved to effect me much as a stim. Only drink it with Diet coke, or anything I wish to drink.

I dont set out to get caffeinated drinks though.

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