if you're a coffee drinker do you drink hot or iced coffee?


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Hot. I’ve never tried iced coffee.

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Nearly always hot.  I haven't had iced coffee in years.

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Oh my heart skipped a beat! 😍 YOU are talking my language! Coooooooooffeeeeee!!!! 😍😍😍

Hot and fresh ALWAYS first choice! 😛😛😛 morning noon and night!

But.... Recently I tried an iced macchiato and it was tasty. Normally I don't care for cold coffee....

But... If it's a frappachino then heck yah! Give me the cold coffee! 😄😅😅😅

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hot coffee.

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Hot or a frappe. I haven't had cold brewed yet. That is suppose to be less acidic. I know some people who swear it is better.

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Well, that depends on several things. In the morning or if I
am working late at night and when it is very cold, I always have hot coffee. Otherwise,
I like to take cold drinks, especially when it is hot. I love a nice glass of
cold coffee with ice cream and whipped cream.

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