If I offered you a drink, what drink would you have?


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how about vodka ? just kidding 

how about   cappuccino milkshake

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I've got a bit of an obsession going with Lilt at the moment.

Not only is its blend of tropical goodness quite tasty, but ever since stores have stopped stocking it as much in the UK, I feel like I've developed a craving for it!

Actually this is a bit of a "thing" for me. The more difficult something is for me to obtain, the more I want it! Human nature or just me being nuts? I'm not sure...

Anyway, here's a few other drinks that I wouldn't mind ordering right now (some harder to find than others unfortunately):

Root Beer

Tab clear (discontinued)

Aseer Asab (sugarcane juice) - I had this in Egypt and it's actually really nice. It's a frothy, sweet and really cold drink made fresh whilst you wait. Tasty!

Bubble Tea - because it looks and tastes so "Kawaii"

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I wanna try that bubble tea! 8) And Lilt? I have that! Coming up! Although...lilt is okay but after one glass it just...tastes a bit horrible.. 8(
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Yo Kass
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Is that your favorite beer? Any reason why? I like German wheat beers personally :)
Paul william
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The reason is because its the best beer.
What makes German wheat beer worth drinking?
Yo Kass
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I guess the reason I enjoy wheat beer is because it tastes quite distinctive - I'd describe it as "malty sweetness".

Also, the first time I drank it I was in this lively little bavarian beer hall and it came served in big stein glasses... maybe I just associate it with having a good time with friends!

I used to work in several bars and, the thing I've learned is that what makes a good beer is very subjective....

I used to live in Italy for a few years, and the Peroni and Nastro Azzuro brand is considered fairly average/cheap there.
When I moved to the UK, I found it kinda funny that everyone thought it was some sort of premium lager!

Sometimes it's just a cultural thing... In the States, my friends used to think Stella Artois was a girly beer (probably because of the brand name). Here in the UK it's associated with football hooligans and drunks.

Other times it's actually the recipe that makes the difference.

If I had a penny every time one of my Irish friends complained that Guinness doesn't taste the same in other countries... I'd have several pennies!

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