If You Are So Thirsty That You Can't Stand It, Which Would You Drink If Offered, A Slug Of Whiskey, Or Dirty Water?


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Drinking whiskey to quench your thirst is a very bad idea as it will make you even thirstier, unless you need the booze to help you drink the dirty water. On second thought, maybe mixing the whiskey with the water will kill any bad bacteria in it. On third thought, I would probably take the dirty water and filter out what I could through a t-shirt, hold my nose and drink it.
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Oops!! I wish there was coca cola instead of the whiskey in the options. Ok..so since I don't have whiskey as it is forbidden in our religion...I would rather try the dirty water :S Water quenches the thirst best more than anything else. So that would be another reason for choosing the water...although its dirty!
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Well, I'm not supposed to drink alcohol, but a shot of whiskey would beat my feeling grossed out drinking dirty water!  Pass the Old Crow, please!
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I would have to go with the whiskey..... Parasitology class definitely had an impact on me.. There's no way I would drink the dirty water unless I could boil it first.
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Drink neither. The alcohol in whiskey will dehydrate you and make you more thirsty and the dirty water will make you ill.
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I'm a survivalist! So I would put the Whiskey in the dirty water, TO KILL SOME GERMS, and then strain it, and burn off the Whiskey, and drink it!
Less germs but still water!
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Steven Vakula answered
Whiskey will make you more thirsty but the dirty water can be both dangerous and make you more thirsty and sick. The whiskey would most likely be my first choice until I could find some way to boil or purify  the water and then mix it with the whiskey so the whiskey would last longer!
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David MrBucky
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If you could boil either then you would have twice the survival length, no alcohol and no critters in both your liquids.
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Don't think it's healthy to drink the whiskey. I'll take the dirty water.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Yes, but riggles, neither is healthy, and you are literally dying of thirst, I would take both! lol
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good point. but I don't drink whiskey. even if I was dying of thirst
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I'd rather have the whiskey,as I know the damage it causes,with dirty water I'm liable to walk away with more than just thirst in my belly,the thought of parasites running around inside my body really scare me.
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I'm not a drinker so bring on the shot of booze and let me get drunk and forget I'm thirsty but I don't think I could do the dirty water,have you ever looked at so called purified water under the microscope....I won't say anymore...
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whiskey won't quench a thirst but I don't think I could stomach the dirty water.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Yes, but did you want to boil the water, drink it and chase it with the shot? lol
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I too, don't drink at all now, but if I had to choose, whiskey ! I am agreeing with all the people who say dirty water is very bad for you. Not going to risk that.
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I would drink a bunch of dirty water 1st to quench my thirst...then, I would take a quick swig of whiskey to kill all those dirty germs!  ♥
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Although I agree with Debossman, I would be more afraid of getting sick with the dirty water and becoming even more dehydrated than how whiskey would make me.
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Whiskey of course. Dirty water(Imagine those oh my god! Things in it) no way!

I never tasted whiskey(I think tigg might know the reason and hifa also told it) but when on death bed coz of thirst-Whiskey is allowed.

Do, tell em how it taste like-Vinegar or any salt'n'sugar less carbonated drink?
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I'm with desertkid here. Drink a lot of dirty water, then whiskey to kill all of those germs and wash out the rancid taste. Blech. I've had dirty water, unfortunately; terrible, terrible, terrible. It does help cure the dehydration, though.

[You know, when kids get curious and try something new... Let's just say I got curious and leave it at that. XD]

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I would soak my feet in the dirty water. Then drink the whiskey so I wouldn't care that I was dying of thirst.... Then lay back and count the pretty pink elephants floating in the sky!
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I made this decision once, while lying on a tent floor in the desert with a broken ankle. I had a bottle of Old Granddad 100 with me, and a milk jug to keep my water in. A sandstorm took my milk jug cap away, and I had no way to store water. I was in pain so didn't feel like walking anywhere. Whiskey shots only made me thirstier, and more complacent to dehydration. Ultimately, I chose to pour the hooch on the ground, hobble to my truck and refill the liquor bottle with H2O.
That act saved my life, as I didn't stand up for nearly 24 hours after that. Better to go without food than without water.
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is there a fire and a kettle in which to boil the water?  ha ha  I don't think I could choke down the water if it is filthy so I'll choose the whiskey even though it burns and tastes nasty
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I didn't and'll never ever drink dirty water. I just can't drink water which is black and disgusting. Eew. Anyway, I'll choose whiskey, although I never tried alcoholic drinks..
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I'll take the slug of whiskey hands down. Hopefully it's Johnny Walker or something that is at least good and not something cheap like Kentucky Deluxe Jim Beam.
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Probably the dirty water...I would boil it first if thats all there was..whisky..a big negative!!!
I suppose I would chug the dirty water with a whiskey chaser for 2 reasons:

  1. The whiskey should kill any contaminents in the water

  2. The whiskey should knock me out, so I wouldn't feel thirsty...or anything at all for that matter...lol...{HICCUP}♥Nassy

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