Is Fried Fish Good For You?


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Nothing fried is "good" for you, just about any other method of cooking is better for your health. Fish is better than french fries, or fried chicken, etc. But still not really good for you. Frying foods draws out or destroys many of your nutritional value in any food.
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Most any fish is good for you but some, like fried, is not as good as baked or prepared in other ways. The oils that come from fish help the heart, memory and circulation. But the oils that are coming from the deep frying are usually bad for you.
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I think it depends on which oil one is using when frying. I use olive oil eventhough I know it evaporates and or is absorbed much quicker than the vegetable oils. However I'd rather use the olive oil vs. The vegetables because of health concerns. I haven't tried the peanut oils. I don't know if it's considered a good or not good oil for frying. There's no experience, like your experience.

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Yes but the fish oils that fight cancers can be reduced.
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Yep right up there with fired taters, fried chicken and fried tomaters, if you can fry it, great for you, yay cholesterol!! (grill or bake)

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