Is Masterbation Good For You?


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Yes it is most certainly good for you, it is healthy to relive yourself of sexual urges.
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Yes it helps relive stress and feels really good
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Yes I agree....but also it keeps things in working order down there...always take care of the package and you'll always be matter how old you get
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Yes, masturbation is a normal and healthy activity

most boys masturbate as do many girls

most main stream churches have no problem with masturbation

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Don't listen to the "God" freaks. They will die a virgin.
Anywho, It is good for you.Like others have said it releases sexual urges.Also, It's good for stress and practice. :]
Hope this helps.
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No I don't think that masturbation is good. Because desire is like a jungle fire more you try to put it off it get more intense. Once you start doing masturbating you r desire going to enhance day by day.
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it's totally evil!!!! Not of GOD. Please try to study these for more understanding :ROMANS CHAPTER 1,2&3.GOD INDEED LOVES YOU.TAKE CARE
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Okay I'm not going to go saying "oh my god ITS EVIL< YOUR going to DIE FOR IT", that would be crazy. However, what I will say is , "No, its not good for you". People are saying "You need to it realease your sexual desire" or "to keep things working". Frankly, a human has a built in mechanism that will rid of a males semen if there is too much of it(there is likely something for women too). It does NOT require masturbation, and therefore its not neccesary. However, it will likely ruin future relationships when you can no longer have sex because your body has begun to think that it requires some sort of hand reflex. Also, this then leads people to pornography which will make you less satisfied with your sexual partner later in life, but thats a different topic.
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For my opinion,because I am a Christian,masturbation is bad for you.It says so in the bible...But I didn't read that in the bible I found it on YouTube when me and my best-bud were watching a scary video. The video just freaked us out! And it also says that sex is bad too.No joke! Well this is just my opinion so "WHATEVER" to those who think I'm crazy!!
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Are there any who don't think you're crazy?
Melanie McCartney
Like I said it's just my freaking opinion!!! Shut up loser!! And just like I said "WHATEVER"!!!
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Well if you think sex is so bad how do you think your parents made you..........the cabige they had sex

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