How Good Is A Banana For You?


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The ubiquitous banana is a health enhancing fruit in several ways due to its unique nutrient content which makes it an ideal food for millions all over the world. For starters bananas are a powerhouse of energy containing large amounts of natural sugars which provide energy to the body almost instantaneously with the effect lasting for as long as an hour even while performing strenuous activity a boon for people like athletes.

The banana has been always known as a potassium rich food though it is only in recent times that its benefits regarding the same are coming to light. It has been found to have an anti depressant effect on the body helping in the proper functioning of the nervous system, ridding the body of toxins by aiding the elimination function of the kidneys and helping in lowering blood pressure; bananas have also been found to inhibit the occurrence of strokes.

Bananas are also helpful in alleviating conditions like acidity heartburn, constipation (on account of high fiber content) and ulcers and have a regulating effect on body temperature. The banana contains loads of vitamins and minerals especially Vitamins A and C along with iron (ideal for anemic conditions) that have a harmonizing effect on the metabolism function which results in the body cells being better able to absorb nutrients; including a banana at breakfast boosts the brains functioning ability. One of the best qualities of the banana is that it is a low calorie yet highly filling nutritious snack ideal for people who are on a diet.
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A banana is very good for you because it has a lot of potassium and vitamin c which is healthy and good for you.

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