How Much Nutrients Has A Banana Have In It?


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Banana is a fruit that is considered as the most widely used fruit. This fruit has been grown in Southeast Asia since ages. However, now it is grown and consumed in around 107 countries. An interesting thing about Banana is that they grow on plants, not trees.

Banana fruits grows in a cluster of up to 20 fruit per cluster. It is a very nutritious fruit that is great in food value. Here is some nutritional information for Banana per 100 grams:

- Carbohydrates : 22.84 grams
- Fat : 0.33 grams
- Protein : 1.09 grams
- Vitamin B6 : 28 Percent
- Vitamin C : 15 Percent
- Iron : 2 percent
- Potassium : 8 percent

Banana is a great fruit to be consumed by people of all ages especially children.
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A medium sized banana consists of protein (1 gram), and dietary fiber (3 grams).

A banana also contains minerals like – Magnesium (43mg), Calcium (7 mg), Potassium (467 mg), Phosphorus (27 mg), Iron (0.4 mg), Selenium (1.3 mg), as well as traces of copper, manganese and zinc.

Vitamins obtained from one medium sized banana include – Vitamin C (95 IU), Folate (22.5 mcg), Vitamin C (11 mg), Niacin (0.6 mg), Vitamin B6 (0.7mcg), Vitamin E (0.67 IU) and Pantothenic Acid (0.31 mg).
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Mostly potassium.
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I think a single banana can provide you all the vitamins and minerals you need,its really good for you

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