How Many Calories Does A Banana Have?


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In these days of looking good and particularly with the summer and bikini season coming up it is good to know the calories in food. So how many calories does a banana have?

Well the average banana has about 103 calories. Obviously that is the average banana and as Mother Nature does not grow things to exact specification it is hard to know how many calories each banana has.

A banana has about 85 calories per 100g; it also has numerous other nutritional values aside from calories.

A banana has about 1.09g of protein, which is used for muscle repair and growth. This is also very important for your daily intake. Bananas are also a great energy food and have about 23g of carbohydrates per 100g. This means they are excellent if you are active or engaging in sport in the near future. Bananas provide a lot of sugar also which is excellent for that quick needed boost of energy.

One of the most notable things about a banana is the level of potassium in it. Potassium is used to distribute energy throughout the body a lack of potassium can result in tiredness and lethargy. This is why bananas are very popular with athletes, because of their high energy and potassium count. Bananas also contain selenium and vitamin C.

Other minerals in a banana include, calcium - used for teeth. Iron which is good for getting blood around the body and maintaining health blood and zinc which is good for the skin.

Bananas are a very healthy food and offer a range of healthy vitamins and nutritional powers. Bananas are great as part of a calorie controlled diet and are one of Mother Nature’s fines foods.
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The number of calories a banana contains will vary depending on the size and variety of the banana. A small yellow skinned banana will have approximately eighty calories when peeled. A medium sized yellow skinned banana has around a hundred calories, whereas a large one will have about 120 calories.

Many weight watchers fear that a banana has a large number of calories, and tend to avoid eating them while on a diet. It is true that the banana has a lot more calories than other fruits like kiwis or apples which may have an average of 50 calories a piece, but keep in mind that a banana also has plenty of health benefits as well. They are an excellent source of potassium and this is essential for regulating blood pressure as well as heartbeats.
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What matters most is that a banana has too much sugar, so eat sparingly. Fruit sugar spikes insulin just like white table sugar does. Go easy on sugary fruit. Berries are the healthiest fruit and have the least amount of sugar. Never eat fruit by itself, but eat protein within 15 minutes. This will slow the sugar down when hitting blood stream.
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An average-sized, fresh banana works out at around 100 calories. The calorie count per 100 g is 77 for the fruit itself, or 45 if you weigh it in its skin (because you obviously don't eat the skin.)

This makes the banana one of the more high-calorie fruits, but it is also an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium and other nutrients. Basically any fresh fruit can be regarded as a good snack.
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A Banana has 118.5 Cals. Due to the high ph levels and potassium it is a perfect fat burner I would advise anyone seeking weight-loss to consume 4 Bananas daily as this will burn fat whilst you sleep.
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A banana has 107 calories in it if it is a medium size. But who really cares, fruit is suppposed to be healthy and when your on a diet like am you get a little dissapointed when you find out you are 107 calories more then you should be!
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There are about 80 in a medium banana, they are full of fiber and potassium.
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Very Small Banana (less than 6")
72 (301 kj) 17.3 0.9 0.3
Small Banana (6" to 7") 90 (375 kj) 21.7 1.1 0.3
Medium Banana (7" to 8") 105 (438 kj) 30.6 1.3 0.4
Large Banana (8" to 9") 121 (505 kj) 33.7 1.5 0.5
Extra Large Banana (9" or longer) 135 (564 kj) 18.4 1.7 0.5
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It depends on the size of the banana... But basically, we can calculate the calorie content by simply knowing first the mass of a certain banana as well as the percentage of it's components such as: Protein, Carbohydrates, and fats....
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A small 81gm baby banana of about 6" in length wil yield about 72 calories whilst a larger 8-9" long banana weighing about 136gm will provide about 121 calories.
When it comes to bananas calories, size really does matter.

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