How Many Calories Does A Slice Of Cheese Pizza Have?


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The amount of calories in any slice of pizza depends on a number of factors such as the size of the slice itself and the topping that you have on, as these will obviously add to the amount of calories. It can also depend on the type of slice for example, thin crust, deep pan base or a crust that is stuffed with cheese.

No company tends to give out information on how many calories are in a slice of pizza, but they do tell their customers how many calories are in a whole or half of a pizza. This is because people can cut their slices into different sizes. If you find out how many calories are in one full pizza or half of it, then you will be able to work out how many calories in one slice.

A full pizza will roughly contain around 500 to 600 calories so if we presume that a pizza contains 500 calories, half of that pizza will contain 250 calories. If you cut that half of a pizza into four slices, that gives you 250 divided by 4 which equals 62.5 calories.

When it comes to calculating how many calories are in a pizza, you need to take into consideration the toppings that are on that pizza. The more toppings you have the higher the amount of calories. Each slice will differ on a topping covered pizza because one slice that you cut may have more of a topping on than another.

If you are unsure about how many calories are in a pizza, then you should ask at the store. All companies have to give nutritional information about their products, it is a legal requirement so if you want to know about calories per slice then you are better off asking someone who knows about the product.
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Between 200-300 depending on the restaurant. This is for papa johns, little Caesar's, pizza hut. If you're going to random private pizza places... They could have more (some places have HUGE slices when you buy by the slice).
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A slice of pizza has about 300 calories... Yeah its a lot ! So if you're on a diet or something, BEWARE of PIZZA !
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The ingredients of Smoked BBQ chicken Pizza from the American Cafe' are
Smoked chicken with the BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onions and scallions.


The size of the pizza must be around 6 inches.

smoked BBQ chicken - 125

Mozrella Cheese   - 300

Red onions   - 30

Scallions   - 50

 round about 600 calories if you add up the base and oil etc.
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It depends on the size of your slice and the kind of topping you choose. Whole Foods don't give calorie information per slice, but you can work it out from the information on their website - a pizza margarita has 650 calories, so if you think roughly how many slices you would get from one pizza and divide by that, you will have the answer.
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I expect there are too many. I fear the fat content will be enormous. Don't do it !
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There are approximately 250 to 300 calories in a regular medium sized pizza, depending on how many extra items you add to it.
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Cheese Only 240 ...Pepperoni 250 ...Supreme 290 ...Pepperoni & Mushroom  240  Italian Sausage & Red Onion 270  ...Ham & Pineapple 230 ...Veggie Lover's® 230  Meat Lover's® 330... Pepperoni Lover's® 290 ...Pizza Huts Site :)

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