How Do You Make Sausagemeat?


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Sausages are made from a mixture of minced meat (usually pork in Europe, although you can use most meats ) and other ingredients including herbs, seasoning and, often, breadcrumbs. The thin casing around the sausage is traditionally made from animal skin (again, usually pork) but nowadays artificial casings can be used.

The secret to making good, fresh sausages is to use very good meat, mince it thoroughly and use plenty of seasoning. Generally the better quality the sausage, the fewer breadcrumbs, soya and other "extra" ingredients it will contain. Obviously this doesn't apply to vegetarian sausages, which are made largely with soya.

You can find some recipes and ideas about suppliers at the uk barbecue site which seems very enthusiastic about the whole art of sausage making.

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